SCAMPI applications

SCAMPI Apps makes it easy to explore, develop & distribute HTML5 applications using the SCAMPI Platform. SCAMPI Apps is an distribution platform for applications that use the SCAMPI opportunistic networking library. With the library, it is possible to create network applications (SCAMPI apps) that work even with no network infrastructure. The SCAMPI apps themselves are distributed using the SCAMPI library as well. This makes it possible to create sophisticated networks even in remote locations or venues where the network infrastructure is overloaded. SCAMPI relies on the concept called opportunistic networking. In practice, the SCAMPI library establishes ad-hoc connection with each SCAMPI-enabled device nearby, allowing them to sync their messages. When this gets done with multiple devices, SCAMPI networks can span a considerable geographical area. However, it should be noted that SCAMPI messages are not always real-time (or near-real-time) communication means, as the messages can be sent to peers only after establishing a connection to them (


SCAMPI NearByPeople


AALTO together with Futurice have implemented and application to discover and connect with nearby people. The application was made public  for SIGCOMM 2012 and it enables to contact interesting people around you. It leverages the SCAMPI platform to enable opportunistic communication in crowded areas and it works with and without Internet connectivity. Moreover, the app enables to schedule and view events at SIGCOMM 2012.(





SCAMPI Application TWIMIGHT available in Google Play

Twimight, the Twitter client powered by SCAMPI, is now (““) available for Android phones on Google Play. Twimight features a hybrid architecture, supporting normal Twitter operations when connectivity is available, and additionally has a “disaster mode”. In disaster mode, Tweets spread opportunistically from device to device. Once connectivity is re-established, disaster Tweets are uploaded to Twitter. (Until end of March 2013, we had more than 1300 downloads).


SCAMPI  bCards

SUPSI has developed an application for the opportunistic exchange of business cards that leverages key principles from SCAMPI.  bCards is available on Google Play at .  The  application was made available at the inception of the PerCom 2012 conference and was employed by a large number of PerCom attendees.


Simulation Software

SCAMPI partners have implemented additional components to a list of simulators and they are available upon request.

  1. Omnet++ simulator to evaluate the optimal replication level of service invocations in opportunistic networking settings.
  2. Custom C++ simulator to derive aggregate inter-contact time statistics from individual inter-contact time distributions.
  3. Custom C++ simulator to derive aggregate inter-contact time statistics in Social Pervasive Networks.
  4. Omnet++ simulator to detect communities from opportunistic networking traces.
  5. Custom C++ simulator to generate synthetic social networks matching properties of real-world ego networks.
  6. Custom C++ simulator to analyse convergence and routing performance of opportunistic networks.
  7. Custom C++ simulator to evaluate optimal service compositions (and algorithmic approximations) in opportunistic networks.


Data Analysis Software

SCAMPI have contributed with set of software to analyse datasets coming from Online Social Networks.

  1. Data analysis software to analyse Facebook interaction graphs in order to discover ego network structures.
  2. Data analysis software to analyse Twitter interaction graphs, in order to discover ego network structures and their dynamic evolution.
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