SCAMPI Apps makes it easy to explore, develop & distribute HTML5 applications using the SCAMPI Platform. SCAMPI Apps is an distribution platform for applications that use the SCAMPI opportunistic networking library. With the library, it is possible to create network applications (SCAMPI apps) that work even with no network infrastructure. The SCAMPI apps themselves are distributed using the SCAMPI library as well. This makes it possible to create sophisticated networks even in remote locations or venues where the network infrastructure is overloaded. SCAMPI relies on the concept called opportunistic networking. In practice, the SCAMPI library establishes ad-hoc connection with each SCAMPI-enabled device nearby, allowing them to sync their messages. When this gets done with multiple devices, SCAMPI networks can span a considerable geographical area. However, it should be noted that SCAMPI messages are not always real-time (or near-real-time) communication means, as the messages can be sent to peers only after establishing a connection to them (

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